Priyanka Chopra Is Meghan Markle's Bridesmaid in Her Royal Wedding With Prince Harry?

5:47 AM EDT 5/26/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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Well-known Bollywood actress and Miss World 2000 winner Priyanka Chopra has been friends with Prince Harry's girlfriend, American actress and activist Meghan Markle for two years. She randomly met the "Suits" actress at a party and has been spending some time with her and their group of friends. Obviously, the two stars are getting along well and in a recent interview, the beauty queen admitted that she hopes her friend would eventually get married to the royal bachelor. That said, many fans speculate that with their closeness, it's not possible that she is going to be her friend's bridesmaid.

During The Wendy Williams Show, Priyanka Chopra discussed with Williams everything about her career including her friendship with Markle. Since the "Suits" actress started dating the royal bachelor, details about their relationship have been scarce and many fans are dying to know more. Interestingly, when Williams referred Markle as Prince Harry's girlfriend, the beauty queen retorted and said that her friend is more than just the prince's girlfriend. She went on to say that she is also an actress with lots of achievements in her entire career.

"Also, Meghan Markle, actress, Suits, her achievements. Just saying," Priyanka Chopra said. Asked whether her friend and the royal bachelor will eventually get married, the Bollywood actress quickly responded with a hopeful spirit. "I don't know, I hope so. She seems happy.... I think they look great together. High-profile relationships are so stressful anyway. As a friend, I wouldn't want to add to that at all," she explained.

Williams continued asking Priyanka Chopra if she would be a bridesmaid if a royal wedding will happen anytime soon. The beauty queen said that she doesn't think she is that close to Markle since they just met two years ago at a party. She went on to say that she doesn't know yet if she will ever be invited. However, many fans believe that she only said this to guard herself from spilling out any more information about her friend's relationship with Prince Harry.

As CDL points out, what's Priyanka Chopra has been dealing with right now in regards to her friend's relationship with Prince Harry is not that easy. After all, it's a royal relationship and the world is watching. It only makes since.

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