Meghan Markle Ready To Marry Prince Harry, 'Suits' Actress Settling Down In Gorgeous UK Manor With Royal Boyfriend?

11:26 AM EDT 5/30/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Meghan Markle seems to have everything nowadays: supportive friends, a hit TV show and a hot royal boyfriend. So is it possible that the "Suits" actress is finally ready to settle down with Prince Harry? There are speculations that Markle is planning to move to the UK to be close to her boyfriend and the couple has already found a gorgeous manor in Norfolk. Could this mean that they will be tying the knot really soon?

There have been reports that Prince Harry is planning to move to LA to be close to Meghan Markle. However, it looks like Prince Williams's younger brother will not need to do that as his girlfriend has joined him on a househunting trip in Norfolk. According to Express, the young couple has been looking at manors near Dereham. Markle reportedly favors Guist Hall but her royal boyfriend has his eye on Twyford Hall because of the guaranteed privacy. It has not yet been confirmed whether the two have decided on their possible new home.

So does this mean that Meghan Markle is leaving LA to move in with Prince Harry in Norfolk? Some fans are concerned that this would mean the "Suits" actress will take an exit after the seventh season. However, it looks like Markle's friends will remain supportive no matter what she decides.

Priyanka Chopra recently offered her thoughts on Meghan Markle's possible wedding to Prince Harry, as per CeleBeat. The "Quantico" Season 2 actress was a guest on the Wendy Williams show where she was asked if the couple are getting married soon. Chopra's response seemed to suggest that wedding bells are definitely in the future. Get the latest updates on your favorite celebrity couples only from CeleBeat.

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