'The Flash' Season 4 Might Keep Barry Allen In Speed Force Prison For Years; Wally West Finally Takes Over As Scarlet Speedster?

5:38 AM EDT 6/7/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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The third season of "The Flash" had concluded with Barry Allen having to do time for messing with the timeline so could this mean that the world has seen the last of the Scarlet Speedster? There is little doubt that "The Flash" Season 4 will not go on without Grant Gustin, but the series may have to deal with Barry being in Speed Force prison for a long time. Will Wally West officially take on the Flash mantle like he has in the comic books?

In the final episode of "The Flash" Season 3, Barry Allen finally managed to get rid of Savitar with the help of Iris West. However, when it looked like everything was working out for Westallen, the Speed Force returns to claim a prisoner for the jail cell Jay Garrick vacated, as per TVLine. Naturally, it was Barry that needed to fill this particular void, what with all the trouble he had caused with Flashpoint. But before he leaves, he turns to Wally West and leaves him with the responsibility of keeping Central City safe. Does this confirm that Wally will stop being Kid Flash and take over as the Scarlet Speedster in "The Flash" Season 4?

Comic books fans are not new to the idea of Wally West being The Flash, especially since the wise-cracking speedster has already taken the mantle for some time now. However, people are not quite open to the idea of losing Grant Gustin in "The Flash" Season 4 just yet.

CarterMatt already has a theory that Barry Allen will manage to get out of the Speed Force prison with the help of Cisco Ramon and could return by the third or fourth episode of "The Flash" Season 4. Hopefully, Barry will have learned his lesson by then and avoid toying around with the timeline. Get the latest updates on your favorite TV shows only from CeleBeat.

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