Travis Fimmel Not Returning In 'Vikings' Season 5; Ragnar Lothbrok Reveals The Truth About Brutal Snakepit Death [VIDEO]

9:45 AM EDT 6/7/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Ragnar Lothbrok may already be in Valhalla or Heaven but some fans are still hoping that they haven't seen the last of the former King of Kattegat. Unfortunately, Travis Fimmel has finally put his foot down and confirmed that he will not return in "Vikings" Season 5. In addition to that, the "Warcraft" actor spoke about Ragnar's brutal death in the fourth season.

The death of Ragnar Lothbrok is hardly a "Vikings" Season 5 spoiler; Norse legends state that the warrior was captured by King Aelle of Northumbria, who threw him into a pit of snakes. The tales may have had a more mystical touch (it is said that Ragnar initially survived in the snakepit because of a special shirt made by his wife Aslaug) but the History show's depiction of Ragnar's fate featured several dangerous serpents that had no problem doing what needed to be done. However, the truth behind the snakepit is actually much terrifying, according to Travis Fimmel.

The former "Vikings" star recently spoke to Gold Derby about Ragnar Lothbrok's future, which is, well, nonexistent. Travis Fimmel stated that his character "had run its course", adding that Ragnar had already fulfilled so much in his life. It certainly sounds like there is no point in coming back in "Vikings" Season 5 after the snakepit death, which the actor deemed was "the perfect time to go." Fimmel also offered some behind-the-scenes info on what it was really like to work with so many serpents.

Travis Fimmel revealed that Ragnar Lothbrok's death was the last scene he had on the History series (via YouTube). Although it looked like he was surrounded by vipers, the "Finding Steve McQueen" actor admitted it was "just a lot of pythons and rat snakes." It might seem fortunate that Fimmel wasn't going to be bitten by poisonous reptiles but he also shared that the snakes "were all pooping on me everywhere." Luckily, the scene was done in one quick take because his scaly co-stars were not allowed to stay in the cold for too long. "Vikings" Season 5 is expected to air on History later this year.

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