Travis Fimmel 2017: 'Vikings' Star Returns To History, But Not As Ragnar Lothbrok! 'Warcraft' Actor To Play Wyatt Earp

11:28 AM EDT 3/22/2017 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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People were undoubtedly depressed when Ragnar Lothbrok was killed off in "Vikings" Season 4. However, fans can still expect to see more of Travis Fimmel on History in the near future. The "Warcraft" star has been confirmed to work on a new series focusing on Wyatt Earp's adventures with Doc Holliday.

According to Variety, Travis Fimmel will do more than just portray Wyatt Earp in the still-untitled new series. The former "Vikings" Season 5 star actually wrote the show's first episode and will serve as executive producer. Fimmel revealed that he interested in showing a different side of "stories people think they know without the rose-colored glasses of Hollywood." There is little doubt that the "Warcraft" actor and History will try to show a different side of historical figures.

But is there any chance that Travis Fimmel will return as Ragnar Lothbrok in "Vikings" Season 5? CeleBeat has previously reported on speculations that the "Warcraft" star has reunited with his History series costars. Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation that Ragnar will be back in the show. Nevertheless, fans can still see more of Fimmel as he plays Wyatt Earp in this new action drama.

The opportunity to play Wyatt Earp isn't the only thing that Travis Fimmel is looking forward to in his future. The "Vikings" alum recently revealed to Interview magazine that he is hoping to collaborate with fellow Australian Mel Gibson. "I think he's awesome," Fimmel admitted. "I would love to work with him."

There is no word yet on whether Travis Fimmel has found a project that will allow him to work with Mel Gibson. In the meantime, "Vikings" Season 5 fans can expect to see the real Ragnar Lothbrok play Wyatt Earp in his new History series soon. Fimmel is also working on a new film "Finding Steve McQueen", which is expected to premiere later this year.

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