'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Gohan Will Sacrifice for Goku to Achieve His Max Form; His Death Is Possible

11:31 AM EDT 4/7/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Dragon Ball Super" continues with its Universal Survival arc, which showcases the ultimate Tournament of Power that will gather all powerful warriors from different universes. However, four universes are safe from the elimination such as Universes 1, 5, 8 and 12. This makes the tournament participants down from 12 to 8 universes. With Goku's scouting for powerful warriors to enter the tournament, spoilers reveal that Gohan will have to sacrifice something.

Gohan's sacrifice is to have Goku achieve his max form in "Dragon Ball Super." The latter is already spending his days training for the Tournament of Power. Thus, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if he will be in his most powerful state in the coming weeks. Additionally, Krillin has already surprised Gohan with his ultimate power during their practice battle in spite of his retirement from fighting.

For other powerful warriors in Universe 7 such as Vegeta, Android 18 and Android 17, it is certain that they will be stronger than before. However, "Dragon Ball Super" experts say that for Universe 7 to survive, someone will have to sacrifice. While killing is not actually allowed in the Tournament of Power, it is possible that The Grand Priest, Daishinkan or the Omni-King will make changes in the rules once again.

It can be recalled that young Gohan did an amazing thing when Goku expired, revealing what he can actually do. Over on YouTube, it appears that the same thing will happen again but it's possible that Gohan will sacrifice himself. Regardless of having Vegeta, Krillin or the two Androids in the team for the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power, Goku still doesn't know their fate in the battle royal.

Gohan will be the tactical leader for Universe 7 in the "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power although it remains unknown whether or not he will have another form. Howbeit, it is possible that his life will come to an end. As for Trunks and Goten not being part of the team, Goku explained that both fighters are too upfront. According to Comic Book, the two young fighters lack fighting experience and they will be quickly eliminated from the battle royal.

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