'Steven Universe' Season 5 Announced With Teaser Trailer & Premiere Date

9:08 PM EDT 4/23/2017 by Rolly Real, Celebeat Reporter

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"Steven Universe" Season 5 forty-nine seconds trailer has a lot of things going on. Cartoon Network announced on April 21 the premier date for this season.

There were some of Steven's adventure presented in the trailer, including the scene when he said, It's nice to know we can still have peaceful days like this without any trouble". A terrible phrase engaging conflict coming to his days on "Steven Universe" Season 5, said on The Mary Sue.

On the coming scene where Sadie will vanish on the May 8 presentation, Steven will be in the limelight being so brave despite the situation having everyone running and crying. The brave priceless line said on "Steven Universe" Season 5 by our protagonist, "Do you know what you're doing?" is a comforting tone that helps everyone calm.

The teaser also inquisitively ends with the verses "Are you my dad?" That is just how touching and emotional that is, and this captivates the fans. This is what anticipators should expect on "Steven Universe" Season 5. In a show that's full of so many motherly figures, it is fascinating about where Steven Universe will endeavor in season 5, specifically when its melodies of love, acceptance, and family feel extra significant today, published on Legion of Fleia.

Going through the many Twitter responses, Steven Universe admirers are equally enthusiastic and uptight about the sentiments this show is going to make viewers go through. If you need a review, there's plenty of time to watch again the previous Season, just in time to see "Steven Universe" Season 5. Otherwise, check out "Steven Universe" recaps to put yourself on ready of the all-new adventure next month.

Production has closely worked on to bring in more expressions, emotions, and love with "Steven Universe" Season 5. It is certain that Cartoon Network will air the next season on May 8, there will be more teasers that will be released, and more spoilers will come out.

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