'One Punch Man' Gets Four Audio Dramas; First CD Is out in September; Season 2 Premieres in May 2018?

8:33 PM EDT 6/19/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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The release date of "One Punch Man" season 2 is yet to be confirmed but there have been reports that it might debut in spring 2018. There are also speculations about the anime's plot since the second installment was announced in late 2016. While waiting for Madhouse Entertainment to officially announce the second season's air date, fans can look forward to the four new audio dramas that are based on the anime series. These are expected to be released before the year ends and fans would be able to hear more of the main voice actors of the anime.

Bandai Visual recently announced that each of the audio volume of "One Punch Man" will consist of two new episodes. The anime series' creator ONE helped create these and has also supervised the rest of the team. Comic Book reports that the first audio drama on CD will be out in September 2017 and the voice actors of Saitama and Genos will reprise both of their rules. Each volume will also include an episode, which is based on the bonus manga courtesy of Shueisha.

The first CD volume of "One Punch Man" will include an episode that's based on the "200 Yen" skit from the anime series' first volume. According to CrunchyRoll, the four audio CDs will also include a few music audio including new character songs for each four volumes. Volume 1 will be out on Sept. 27 with Saitama as its featured character. As for the character Genos, the second volume will be released on Dec. 20.

Many fans have been looking forward to see "One Punch Man" in the small screens again but there are no further details about the release date of the anime's second installment. There are speculations that it might be out in May 2018 given the anime's production that reportedly started in March 2017. That will happen if there would be no delays.

"One Punch Man" follows the story of an overpowered superhero named Saitama. The bald hero has grown bored with his fights that lack challenge and has been looking for a deserving opponent. Its manga series started its publication in 2009 and an anime adaptation first aired in October 2015 in Japan.

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