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Piers Morgan

Handler, Morgan Fight; Chelsea Gets Catty With CNN Anchor

10:18 AM EST 2/1/2013

Chelsea Handler and Piers Morgan went from playful to awkward on "Chelsea Handler" last night after the CNN anchor told Handler that she looked like she got some plastic surgery.Read more

Thomas Gibson

Criminal Minds Star DUI: Thomas Gibson Arrested By L.A. Police

11:44 AM EST 1/7/2013

'Criminal Minds' star Thomas Gibson was charged with DUI Sunday after driving through a pedestrian barricade set jup for a nighttime marathon in L.A.Read more

Hammer and Psy doing it Gangnam style!

Psy Buys L.A. Condo; Pays $1.25 Million In Cash [VIDEO]

2:47 PM EST 1/4/2013

Koren pop sensation Psy just purchased an L.A. condo for a cool $1.25 million. And he paid cash, cause that's how YouTube superstars roll!Read more

Larry Hagman

J.R. Ewing Funeral To Air; 'Dallas' Remembers Star Larry Hagman

3:49 PM EST 12/31/2012

When Larry Hagman passed away in November, 'Dallas' writers had to figure out how to write his death into the show. How J.R. Ewing dies remains a mystery, but his funeral will be aired on March 11 to honor Larry Hagman's legendary character.Read more

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Slur: Is He Homophobic Or Just Wasted?

6:16 PM EST 12/30/2012

Charlie Sheen is stirring up some controversy after calling a roomful of partiers 'f--gots.' Or did he actually say 'maggots'? You be the judge of what he said and what he meant by what he said,Read more

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara Shares Pics Of Skimpy Vacation Bikini [PHOTO]

5:27 PM EST 12/28/2012

Sofia Vergara gave fans a holiday treat. And it definitely says 'less is more.'Read more

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Lawsuit Dismissed; $20 Million Countersuit Against Hakob Manoukian Dropped

5:28 PM EST 12/27/2012

Jennifer Lopez's $20 million countersuit against her ex-driver, Hakob Manoukian, was dismissed in L.A. Superior court Wednesday. Lopez claimed the driver tried to extort money from her over embarrassing secrets he overheard while her driver. Manoukian is suing Lopez for money he claims he is owed from his time as her chauffeur and head of security.Read more

Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood Married; Third Time A Charm For Rolling Stones Rocker

2:46 PM EST 12/23/2012

Ronnie Wood, lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones, married Sally Humphries on Friday, a woman 31 years his junior.Read more

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Dating Carmen Electra; ‘She’s Adorable’ Gushes Grumpy 'X-Factor' Host

4:26 PM EST 12/20/2012

Simon Cowell admits he's dating Carmen Electra. But is she the only woman in his life?Read more

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Vampire Baby; Rough Pregnancy Put Fox In Bella’s Shoes [VIDEO]

2:09 PM EST 12/18/2012

Megan Fox stopped by the "Tonight Show" last night to talk about her new baby, Noah. She admitted that her her morning sickness was so bad she thought she was going to have a vampire (not really).Read more

Michael and Cameron Douglas

Douglas' Son Beaten In Prison For Ratting Out Drug Dealers During Trial

2:14 PM EST 12/17/2012

Michael Douglas' son Cameron was attacked in prison because he testified against drug dealers during his 2009 trial. He suffered a broken leg and finger from the October attack.Read more

Blake Lively

Blake Lively 12-12-12 Concert Dress; Sandy Relief Concert Looking Good!

5:12 PM EST 12/14/2012

Blake Lively stunned the crowd in her orange mini-dress at the 12-12-12 concert. And her hair style just might spawn a million copycats too!Read more

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan Storage Locker Up For Auction; Cash-Strapped Lindsay Can’t Pay $16,000 Bill

2:01 PM EST 12/13/2012

Lindsay Lohan's storage locker could go up for auction at the end of the month if the actress doesn't pay a long-overdue $16,000 bill.Read more


Track Palin Divorce: Track And Wife Britta Call It Quits

5:31 PM EST 12/12/2012

Track Palin and wife Britta jointly filed for divorce in an Alaskan court. The couple will share custody of their 16-month-old daughter Kyla.Read more

Pawn Stars

‘Pawn Stars’ Fined: Rick And Cory Harrison Trash Thanksgiving Campground? [VIDEO]

11:20 AM EST 12/11/2012

'Pawn Stars' Rick and Cory Harrison were allegedly cited $1,000 for trashing a California campground on Thanksgiving. Were the History channel kings to blame for the mess?Read more

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